Welcome to Spiritual Living, where spiritual truths are communicated free of religious and denominational doctrines. Here you’ll find articles, blogs and podcasts where we share our journey of knowing God hoping to encourage you and others to seek and know God more intimately and deeply. It’s not coincidence that brought you here, so have a look around and bookmark the page for future visits.

Reading ‘our passion’ and ‘about us’ will help you get a feel for what we’re about and introduce you to those behind the text. Ultimately this site is about you and your journey. Hopefully we’ll encourage and confirm those inklings you’ve had about who God really is that doesn’t fit into prominent religions and voices of today. Life isn’t about long ‘to do’ lists, empty rituals and rules, Life is about experiencing love, peace and freedom no matter our circumstances. Many of us have been disillusioned by what many call ‘God’ and that’s a really, really good thing! It opens us up to the reality of what ‘God’ really is… the expressions of Life, Love, Freedom, Peace and Joy all around you.

It’s certainly an enjoyable adventure, one worth every moment of our time and conciousness…and one we are hopeful you find in increasing measure!

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